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Corsair_Caruso: *don't celebrate Dec 25, 2013 15:15:45 GMT
Lastiel: Yay! I'm glad you are back Dreamingfifi! Merry Christmas and Happy New Years everyone! Also Don't forget to raise a toast to the Professor January 3rd at 9pm your time! Dec 26, 2013 22:16:55 GMT
dreamingfifi: Happy New Year! Though, the Elven New Year isn't until spring... Jan 1, 2014 7:21:28 GMT
akumaru: Nice IPA-Quiz! :) I will review all lessons in the next weeks. The new semester starts in May, right? Jan 1, 2014 11:36:21 GMT
dreamingfifi: Yup! As usual. Jan 2, 2014 7:59:00 GMT
Orontiel Tararwen: Lol I don't celebrate the new year until March. Yay I get to go to school tomorrow! And then every day after that for the next five months... Sorry I ditched Sindarin class; I had some life things I had to take care of, but I hope to study it again soon. Jan 6, 2014 4:58:36 GMT
neniel789: Im new and utterly confused Feb 8, 2014 22:05:02 GMT
dreamingfifi: About what? Feb 8, 2014 23:04:15 GMT
araediel: Hi dreamingfifi, I've just found your site and I got really excited to sign up for lessons, but the roster is full :c Is there a waiting list I can sign up for incase any spots open up? Feb 11, 2014 3:20:09 GMT
dreamingfifi: Yup! Check the Sindarin Student's forum, I just made a thread on that topic. Feb 11, 2014 19:23:39 GMT
nethiel: Hello, dreamingfifi! I am new to the site, but I am a very very very active member on the Council of Elrond. I have completed my Sindarin lessons there, and have now come here for extra resources and practice. :D Feb 20, 2014 23:57:26 GMT
dreamingfifi: Hi! *waves* Feb 27, 2014 19:35:49 GMT
Indilwen: why does it say Melkor under my name and how do I change it? Mar 26, 2014 12:40:06 GMT
Indilwen: and is it possible to change my username? Mar 26, 2014 12:47:45 GMT
Lastiel: I know I can possibly answer one of your questions. I believe that having Melkor beneath your name is part of a ranking system, which will change with the number of times you post in the forums. Mar 27, 2014 18:13:28 GMT
Mírwen: Hi! I'm new... Apr 2, 2014 20:42:59 GMT *
dreamingfifi: More new people! *waves* Apr 4, 2014 5:05:35 GMT
Mírwen: *waves back* Ae. Apr 6, 2014 18:34:07 GMT
Cala: Ae! Apr 11, 2014 14:50:15 GMT
lymrandir: Hello everyone. :) Apr 12, 2014 9:08:55 GMT