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dreamingfifi: Sorry that this place isn't a boiling pot of activity at the moment. The students are busy with homework, and I've been busy getting ready for a Renfaire Jun 26, 2014 0:32:52 GMT
arataure: Why yes I did! I was hoping this place was still active so I'm very glad to have found someone on ^.^ Jun 26, 2014 0:33:04 GMT
arataure: And that's understandable :D Jun 26, 2014 0:34:07 GMT
hialmr: Mellyn a nen-e-guil maer, go-sogiel gladhed rem! Jul 11, 2014 1:26:23 GMT
Corsair_Caruso: Hello, fellow Tolkien-enthusiasts! How is everyone? Jul 20, 2014 23:41:34 GMT
hialmr: Great! It's the season of green leaves and I'm often out in the woods! Jul 21, 2014 10:11:38 GMT
Corsair_Caruso: Howdy, everyone. Is everyone well tonight? Jul 22, 2014 2:11:30 GMT
lilomea: Suilad, mellyn. Jul 25, 2014 20:28:54 GMT
dreamingfifi: my sleep schedule is soooo messed up... *waves groggily at friends* Aug 6, 2014 12:38:53 GMT
Corsair_Caruso: How's it going, people? :) Aug 13, 2014 23:31:08 GMT
dreamingfifi: I'm up and awake at a normal time! Now I just have to keep this up.... Aug 14, 2014 15:31:15 GMT
midomidi2013: HI Aug 23, 2014 15:31:57 GMT
hugobrownlocke: My Tolkien Club is going to our second-ever High School Club Fair soon... and I just finished writing "The Tolkien Fellowship" (the name we chose for ourselves) in what I hope is decently legible Cirth Erebor on a glowing bracelet. How are you all today? Sept 18, 2014 3:38:17 GMT
Corsair_Caruso: I'm finding Tolkien Linguistic sources and talking to language professors at my university to find an advisor for my dissertation committee who can evaluate my assertions on Quenya and Sindarin lyric diction in my thesis! There's a lot of reading to do! Oct 4, 2014 2:44:06 GMT
lleyithan: Hey guys! I just posted a request for translation, and can offer a few dollars in exchange for the help. :) Nov 14, 2014 18:51:29 GMT
niphredil: Galu mellyn! Jan 20, 2015 16:20:08 GMT
dreamingfifi: *waves* Jan 20, 2015 18:14:52 GMT
valerian75: Hello to all of my fellow Tolkien Linguists! How is everyone today? Mar 16, 2015 16:36:59 GMT
hialmr: Happy new year (eldarin reckoning)! Mar 21, 2015 0:47:11 GMT
eruvarnnathraval: Hi Apr 16, 2015 10:16:55 GMT